Concrete texture analysis for micro-crack detection

Concrete texture analysis for micro-crack detection


This project involved setting and aligning texture camera for concrete sample analysis. Micro-cracks in concrete samples are not visible by human eyes. One possible way of detecting such cracks is by measuring the reflectance using texture camera. Texture camera was invented by my advisor Dr. Kristin J. Danafor measurement of reflectance and texture.

Each image captured using texture camera is a measure of bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF). For a fixed illumination direction, each pixel of this image represents reflectance measure for a different viewing angle. For a desired viewing angle, corresponding pixels are identified in all BRDF images and put together to obtain a textured image. Based on the measurements in BRDF images and analysis of BRDF of crack and non-crack regions, an intensity histogram based approach was proposed to classify the texture surface into crack and non-crack regions.

Texture Camera BRDF
Texture Camera and BRDF of concrete sample.


Kristin J. Dana, “BRDF/BTF measurement Device”, ICCV Proceedings of Eighth IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision, vol. 2, pp 460-6, July 2001.

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